"The lights and the sound and the rhythm and the noise hit my body like a thousand dances. Everyone knows where nothing is something and our lives flash before our very eyes"
Photographs and musings by C.C. Squire
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I’m too stoked on too much music out right now to keep this blog exclusively for my photographic work. My friend brought this tasty 12 inch slab home from her trip to Belgium. She told me Belgium has some good record stores and if Amazon Hunt by Catholic Spray.is any indication of that, all you pretentious asshole record collectors will pay attention to the catchy sound of this band from Paris who lay down a thick whallop of punk-surf-damage with a side of synth-noise that is as refreshing as a New Orleans sno-ball in August. At least that’s how I remember them last night when I heard them for the first time on my return-trip to the Crescent City. Fans of Human Eye, the Spits, and Dead C take note.
Amazon Hunt by Catholic Spray